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Avoid Four Misconceptions about Snacking

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Note:   There are many kinds of snacks,how to choose?First of all,we must know that not all snacks are harmful to health,as
  There are many kinds of snacks,how to choose?First of all,we must know that not all snacks are harmful to health,as long as the right choice can play a health role.Here's how to eat snacks.
  Potato chips and chips are the"worst snacks"they deserve.Yan Yageng,Director of Nutrition Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University,is deeply impressed by this.He knows that potato chips and chips have high energy,but this is secondary.The key is that this kind of green food contains suspicious carcinogen,acrylamide,and many of them are in large bags now,and children are easy to eat.In addition to acrylamide,potato chips also contain green food additives such as bulking agents,flavor enhancers,trans fatty acids and salts.However,carbonated drinks such as soda contain almost no nutrients needed by the human body,have high calories and many additives.In the eyes of nutrition experts,carbonated drinks are far inferior to boiled water.
  Egg yolk pie:Egg yolk pie is a typical egg yolk pie with additives as the main means,delicious,but very low nutrition,struggling in the harmful and harmless line.Durian crisp,almost no durian,rely on durian flavor to create flavor,high fat,high sugar,low nutrition.
  Roast sausage:This kind of processed meat products may have very few real"meat"and contain many green food additives,such as chromogenic agents(nitrite),preservatives,and so on.The salt content of some roast sausages can not be underestimated.The salt content of some roast sausages fills up a person's daily salt index,and carcinogens may also be produced in the roasting process.
  Jelly is a nutritious snack.Eating more jelly not only can't supplement nutrition,but also can hinder the absorption of some nutrients.At present,the three ingredient of jelly base sold on the market is a carbohydrate which can not be absorbed by human body,carrageenan,and basically does not contain fruit juice.Its sweetness comes from refined sugar,and its flavour comes from artificial flavors.However,jelly has no fat,and contains some"water-soluble dietary fiber",a small amount of eating is not harmful,and will not make you fat,but you should not expect to use it to"increase nutrition".
  Frequent eating of preserved fruits and preserves can replace fresh fruits.During the processing of these green foods,the vitamin C contained in fruits is basically completely destroyed,and the purity of sugar used in processing can reach 99.9%.There are almost no other nutrients in such pure sugar besides a lot of heat energy.Consuming so much sugar can also lead to the deficiency of vitamin B and some trace elements.Lack.In addition,some preserved fruits and other green foods may also contain preservatives,often eating will affect health.
  It is safer to eat plum and other green foods with more salt than preserves.The salt content of snacks such as plum and plum is too high.If you take a lot of salt for a long time,it will induce hypertension.In addition,it is not advisable to keep eating plum.
  Nuts are nutritious and can be eaten more.Nuts do contain a lot of nutrients,and can be said to be the preferred snack.But nuts contain too much fat and heat.For example,50 grams of melon seeds contain the same amount of heat as a bowl and a half of rice.If you eat too much,you will be in danger of getting fat.
  In that case,what kind of snacks would you like to eat?
  Peanuts can prevent skin diseases.Peanuts are rich in vitamin B2,which is one of the most deficient vitamins in the daily diet of Chinese residents.Therefore,intentionally eating more peanuts can not only supplement the deficiency of vitamin B2 in the daily diet,but also help prevent and cure lip cleft,red and itchy eyes,seborrheic dermatitis and other diseases.
  Sunflower seeds can nourish your face.Sunflower seeds contain protein,fat,vitamins and minerals,especially linoleic acid.Linoleic acid helps to keep skin tender and prevent dry skin and staining.
  Cheese sets teeth.Cheese is a"rich mineral"of calcium,which makes teeth strong.Nutritionists have shown that eating 150 grams of cheese a day for an adult can help achieve the goal of ageing.
  Figs promote blood circulation.Fig contains a chemical similar to aspirin.It can dilute the blood and increase the flow of blood,so that the blood supply to the brain is sufficient.
  Pumpkin seeds and pistachios glow.Rich in unsaturated fatty acids,carotene,peroxides and enzymes and other substances,appropriate consumption can ensure cerebral blood flow,make people refreshed,glowing.
  Milk sugar contains sugar and calcium.Eating properly can supplement brain energy,make people refreshing and moist skin.
  From this point of view,snacks also need to pay more attention.
  Source:Family Doctor Online
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