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How to manage the soil of organic orchard? 5 methods to increase organic matter and soil fertility

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Note:   The content of organic matter in the soil of organic orchard is an important indicator of soil fertility and has an
   The content of organic matter in the soil of organic orchard is an important indicator of soil fertility and has an important impact on the quality of fruit.The higher the content of organic matter in the soil,the better the quality of fruit.The content of organic matter in most orchard soils in China is generally lower than 2%.By increasing the content of soil organic matter and nutrients,the adjustment ability of soil acidity and alkalinity can be improved,and the soil structure can be improved,Thus,the fruit quality will be greatly improved and the benefit of planting orchard will be increased.The following five methods of comprehensive utilization will have a better effect on improving soil fertility and making the orchard sustainable production.
  1.Increase the application of farmyard manure organic fertilizer.Farmyard manure organic fertilizer is the traditional farmyard manure,including livestock manure,human manure,biogas slurry,cake fertilizer,etc.This kind of organic fertilizer is also called soil manure,which is rich in organic matter,and also contains a certain amount of nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium,and a variety of medium and trace elements.It is a kind of organic fertilizer more suitable for orchard application.However,this kind of organic fertilizer must be fully decomposed before application,and the fruit trees must be trenched every year,Because of the large amount and volume of this kind of soil and miscellaneous fertilizer,the labor force invested in the application is large,and the labor intensity is large,so it needs to be deeply dug and buried to achieve good results.There are many advantages of applying this kind of organic fertilizer,and the biggest disadvantage is that it requires a strong labor force.Although fertilizing during the slack season,compared with working outside,the labor force invested seems to be worthless.Therefore,many young fruit farmers prefer to work outside,and then pay a high price to buy fertilizer,rather than apply this kind of organic fertilizer.
  2.Interplanting short-stem crops can be carried out between rows of the orchard by intercropping peanuts,mung beans,alfalfa,etc.When the peanuts and mung beans are harvested,the straw can be crushed into the field and covered under the tree plate,or the alfalfa can be cut off for about 10 cm during the growth period and covered under the tree plate,so as to improve the ecological environment of the orchard.The straw covered under the tree plate will become organic fertilizer after natural decay,and will be operated year after year,The soil organic matter content of the orchard will be more and more abundant.
  3.Cover the crop straw.Every year to the harvest season,there is a large amount of waste straw,which can be collected,crushed,and spread in the orchard,especially under the tree plate.Before covering the straw,spread a layer of organic microbial fertilizer in advance,40 kg per mu,and then cover the crushed straw.After the straw rots,it is a good organic fertilizer,and adhere to use every year,The content of soil organic matter will be higher and higher,and the fertility of the soil will also be improved,which is very beneficial to produce higher quality fruits.
  4.Weeds with short stems and shallow roots can be cultivated intentionally.As long as they are not deep-rooted malignant weeds,they can be left to be removed,let alone sprayed with herbicides.They can be allowed to grow.In the vigorous period of weed growth,proper stubble cutting should be carried out,and the cut grass should be directly covered under the tree disc,which has great benefits for improving the soil microenvironment,and the organic matter in the soil will also be more and more,thus increasing the fertility of the soil.
  5.Ridge prevention and waterlogging and mulching with plastic film.Some orchards have insufficient soil thickness,or are prone to drought and waterlogging.For such orchards,you can increase the soil thickness around the tree disc by ridging,combining with planting dwarf crops,applying farm manure and covering crop straws.At the same time,a drainage ditch is also opened.In case of heavy rain,the excess water can be discharged smoothly to prevent waterlogging of fruit trees,After ridging,the tree tray and its surroundings can be covered with plastic film to keep moisture and water,so as to avoid the large difference between the dry and wet of the orchard,which will affect the normal growth of the fruit,and can also be combined with planting green manure to increase the fertility of the soil.
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