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Function of fermented organic fertilizer

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Note:   After the fermentation of organic fertilizer,the organic matter is decomposed and a large number of beneficial micro
   After the fermentation of organic fertilizer,the organic matter is decomposed and a large number of beneficial microorganisms are released.These beneficial bacteria enter the soil,which can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria on the one hand,and can also increase the nutrients in the soil,improve soil fertility and promote plant growth on the other hand.
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  Therefore,after applying organic fertilizer,it must be fully fermented,otherwise,it will not only play a role in fertilization,but will have a negative impact on crops.
  So,how to ferment organic fertilizer?
  Fermentation method:
  1.Accumulation and decay.The collected farmyard fertilizer shall be piled into a pile with a height of no more than 1.5 meters and a width and depth of no less than 0.5 meters,which shall be tightly covered with plastic film to maintain temperature and humidity.Generally,the decomposition can be completed in 7 days in summer and 15-20 days in winter.
  2.High temperature and muggy:
  Put the farmyard fertilizer in a plastic bag,tie the bag mouth and put it in the hot sun.When the temperature is above 50°C,it will decompose after 3-5 days.
  Put the loaded fertilizer into the stove or hearth,burn it to about°C and keep it for 3-4 hours,so that most materials reach high temperature,and then seal it for 2-3 days.
  4.Alkali neutralization:
  If alkaline substances(such as lime)are used to neutralize acidic substances,an appropriate amount of neutral substances should be added in advance.
  5.Add nutrition:
  In the production process,some nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and trace elements are added appropriately to supplement the nutrients required by crops and improve the yield of crops.
  6.Biological agent fermentation:
  The microorganism in the biological agent can be used to accelerate the decomposition rate of farm fertilizer,shorten its transformation cycle,effectively reduce environmental pollution,and at the same time enhance the resistance of crops and improve the quality of agricultural products.
  If raw dung is used,it can be mixed with straw and piled up,and then smoked,which can not only remove the odor of raw dung,but also make the dung quickly warm up,and accelerate its decay rate.
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