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What is microbial organic fertilizer

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Note:   Microbial organic fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer containing a large number of beneficial active bacteria,which i
   Microbial organic fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer containing a large number of beneficial active bacteria,which is made by using living organisms,plant growth regulators and other substances in a certain proportion after mixed fermentation and ripening.
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  It not only contains a lot of organic nutrients,but also contains a lot of various nutrients beneficial to the growth of crops and hormones that stimulate the growth of roots.It can improve the soil structure,improve the ability of soil water retention,air permeability and fertilizer permeability,enhance the resistance of plants,and promote plant growth.It is a fertilizer for producing green agricultural products.
  The role of microbial organic fertilizer?
  1.Improve fertilizer utilization rate:
  Applying bio-organic fertilizer can not only increase the effective amount of chemical fertilizer,but also improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer.The experiment shows that every 1t bio-organic fertilizer can save 0.12 t of pure nitrogen,0.5 t of urea,0.2 t of pure phosphorus,2 t of superphosphate,0.3 t of pure potassium and 0.6 t of potassium chloride.At the same time,it can also reduce the cost of fertilization.According to statistics,compared with the cultivated land with the same organic matter content without biological application,the organic matter content of biological application can increase by 5%-10%,and the grain yield can also increase accordingly.
  2.Improved soil:
  Because the bio-organic fertilizer contains a large number of beneficial microorganisms,it generates a large amount of heat during decomposition,which can effectively improve the ground temperature and facilitate the absorption of roots.In addition,because high temperature is conducive to promoting the release of beneficial substances in the soil,the fixed salt will be taken away with the seepage of water.Therefore,for hardened soil,the application can play a role in loosening the soil and breaking the hardening.
  3.Cultivate soil strength:
  Due to the bio-organic life activities,it constantly provides various nutrients for crops,and provides a continuous power for the healthy growth of crops,thus greatly improving the resistance of crops to pests and reducing the use of pesticides.
  4.Improve the quality of agricultural products:
  The results show that the quality of agricultural products can be significantly improved by applying appropriate amount of compound microbial inoculants,such as good color of fruit,increased sugar content,plump fruit,correct shape,uniform size,concentrated ripening,thick pulp,good taste,storage resistance,and good merchantability.
  5.Reduce environmental pollution:
  With the development of industrialization,the environment has been greatly polluted,especially the water pollution is serious,resulting in many fish and shrimp disease residues.By using compound microbial agents,on the one hand,these harmful substances can be effectively decomposed;on the other hand,the various enzymes secreted by them can also decompose macromolecular organic substances into small molecular organic substances,making them easier to be absorbed and utilized,thus reducing environmental pollution.
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