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Yuli, Xinjiang: organic compost helps improve agricultural quality and efficiency

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Note:   After the beginning of spring,sprinkling these fertilizers into the fragrant pear garden can not only reduce costs,b
   "After the beginning of spring,sprinkling these fertilizers into the fragrant pear garden can not only reduce costs,but also improve the soil.The fragrant pear nurtured by the organic fertilizer has good taste,high sweetness,and large size."Recently,in the fragrant pear garden of Umaer Jiang Simayi's home in Kukkaynamu Village,Gulebag Township,Yuli County,Xinjiang,the Umaer River wiped the sweat on its forehead and happily told her good vision for next year.Together,the couple pulled a cart of sheep dung into the pear garden behind the house,piled up a pile of"small bags"and covered them with soil,waiting for fermentation.
  In recent years,the government of Gulebag Township in Yuli County has actively promoted the organic composting technology,taking the path of"refining,adjusting,modifying,replacing and rotating",and taking measures such as soil testing and formula fertilization,straw returning to the field,organic fertilizer replacing fertilizer,rotation and fallow,and integration of water and fertilizer,comprehensively implementing and steadily implementing the promotion of organic compost,fertilizer reduction and efficiency,promoting the green development of agriculture,and actively implementing the development ideas of green agriculture and circular agriculture,While effectively solving the problem of livestock manure treatment,it has promoted the improvement of agricultural quality and efficiency.
  "The use of chemical fertilizer all year round will lead to the reduction of soil organic matter and the hardening of the soil.The vegetables that use organic fertilizer will grow happily and be verdant..."When introducing the benefits of organic fertilizer,Alimujiang Wuji,a villager of Kukkayanam Village,Gulebag Township,is as familiar as a few.
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