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Nine out of ten farmers have made a mistake in applying fertilizer. The fertilizer is also complemen

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 In our daily life, whether it is animals or plants, often appear the phenomenon of mutual restraint, for example, some plants planted together, will react with each other, easily infected with bacteria, leading to poor growth, but few people know that fertilizer will also play the role of mutual restraint, when fertilizing crops, if you do not understand the mutual restraint of fertilizer It's not only useless to spend money in vain, but also leads to crop damage and yield reduction. Therefore, it's of great significance to master the mutual production and restraint of fertilizers for increasing crop production and income. Let's learn about it.
In the process of agricultural cultivation, there are many kinds of fertilizers, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and various trace element fertilizers, which are divided into acid fertilizers. Neutral fertilizer and alkaline fertilizer, such as ammonium nitrate, urea, ammonium sulfate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, etc., are acid fertilizers. This kind of fertilizer can not be mixed with alkaline fertilizers, such as ammonia, potassium carbonate, calcium magnesium phosphorus, ammonium bicarbonate, etc. if acid fertilizers are mixed with alkaline fertilizers, they will form chemical reactions, leading to nitrogen volatilization and loss of fertilizer efficiency, Moreover, acid fertilizer can not be mixed with alkaline medicine, which not only reduces the efficacy, but also reduces the fertilizer efficiency.
In the process of planting crops, farmyard manure is usually mixed with other fertilizers, but farmyard manure can not be mixed with ammonium nitrate, plant ash, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus and other alkaline fertilizers, because farmyard manure contains higher nitrogen element. If mixed with alkaline fertilizer, nitrogen element will volatilize, resulting in the loss of fertilizer efficiency. Therefore, when applying fertilizer, farmyard manure and other fertilizers should be used separately, not together.
Nowadays, many people like to apply microbial fertilizer to vegetables or other crops. However, the properties of microbial fertilizer and other fertilizers are different, and the mixture of the two fertilizers will play a complementary role, because bacterial fertilizer is mainly used to breed beneficial bacteria, while other fertilizers will produce harmful substances in the process of fermentation and volatilization. These harmful substances will inhibit the growth of bacteria in bacterial fertilizer, and eventually lead to the formation of bacteria It leads to the failure of bacterial fertilizer. Therefore, the use of microbial fertilizer, must not be mixed with other fertilizers, need to be used alone.
What we should pay attention to when we apply fertilizer to crops is balanced nutrition. No matter what kind of single element fertilizer, we should not use too much. If we apply too much nitrogen fertilizer, it will lead to the increase of potassium deficiency in crops and lead to the symptoms of potassium deficiency in crops. If too much phosphate fertilizer is used, it will prevent the plant from absorbing nitrogen fertilizer, which will easily lead to nitrogen deficiency and poor growth.
In agricultural cultivation, the principle of fertilization is: nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorus fertilizer and potassium fertilizer can be used as base fertilizer and topdressing fertilizer, and trace element fertilizer can be used as foliar spraying fertilizer. The best partner for farmyard fertilizer is microbial fertilizer. After mixing the two kinds of fertilizers, they will enhance each other, because organic fertilizer can help microbial fertilizer breed more beneficial bacteria for crops to absorb and utilize, It is conducive to the better growth of crops.
In the process of planting, fertilizer is always indispensable, but there is a subtle relationship between fertilizers. Reasonable use can increase crop yield and income. Unreasonable use not only wastes money, but also has no fertilizer effect. Therefore, in the use of fertilizer, it must be scientific and reasonable.

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