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Every year, seven billion little cocks are ground by meat grinder and then made into fertilizer?

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 The vigorous pursuit of human meat has promoted the rapid development of animal husbandry in the world. In the breeding industry, there is no faster development than the chicken farm. The requirements for environment in the chicken farm are very low. Now the developed machine and equipment can turn the chicken breeding into a factory-based production line. However, for the chicken industry, the fate of the chickens hatched in the eggs is really a pity.
Humans can hatch eggs quickly, but they can't control the gender of chickens. Basically, the probability of the rooster and the hen is the same, but almost all the chickens in the chicken farm are little hens. There is only one purpose for the cock. That is to say, it is used for breeding. We don't need so many cocks!
According to the United Nations, nearly seven billion hens are responsible for laying eggs every year to meet the needs of human beings. At the same time, nearly 7billion chickens are hatched. only a few of them have breeding, and other chickens are regarded as waste and eliminated directly.
There is a profession called Chicken sexist. For chickens that have just hatched, this is the existence of death. The discriminator can identify thousands of chickens every hour, with an accuracy of 98%. The hen will be put into the chicken farm, while the young cock and those who have not been able to meet the needs of the past will be treated by "humanitarian".
The humanitarian treatment of the rooster actually makes us a little creepy. The EU now allows two ways, one for chickens to die quickly, such as smashing with high-speed grinders, and the other is choking chickens with carbon dioxide. Nearly seven billion young cocks are "humanitarian" every year around the world. It is milled into slag by a high-speed grinder and then made into fertilizer or cat food.
Compared with the rooster, the fate of the goose is better. Goose liver is a high-end food in France, and goose foie liver is more fat and beautiful, so the breeding farm is more willing to raise the small male goose, so that the eliminated goose becomes a small goose.

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