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What kind of fertilizer is used for apple flower and fruit preservation? When will the apple be fatt

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 Apple is a deciduous tree belonging to the subfamily Malus of Rosaceae. It is a common fruit in our daily life. It is rich in a variety of nutrients and has a large market demand.
Do you know how to manage apple growing? How to apply fertilizer if you want the apple to expand and sweeten? The following is about the apple fruit sweet related content, want to understand the quick look!
1、 How to manage Apple planting?
Apple planting should pay attention to soil management, pay attention to deep plowing, weeding, ploughing, deep plowing of soil before and after planting, increase the porosity and permeability of soil in apple orchard, apply base fertilizer for soil, and increase soil fertility in orchard.
During the growing period of apples, farmers should regularly clean up the weeds around the fruit trees to avoid the weeds in the garden seizing the nutrients of the fruit trees; after the harvest in autumn, they should plow the fruit trees in each row and row, with a length of about 20 cm, the inside of the tree tray is deep and the outside is shallow, and the soil should be leveled after plowing.
In addition to soil management, attention should also be paid to the pruning of apple trees. Farmers should pay attention to pruning the fruit trees at the young and full fruit stages. In the young apple stage, the excessively long branches should be cut off to prevent the branches from growing too fast and promote the formation of fruit trees. In the full fruit stage, the redundant branches and peripheral branches in the crown were cut off, and the more luxuriant branches were cut off.
2、 How does Apple want to expand and increase production?
If you want to increase the yield and expand the fruit, you should pay attention to the management of fertilizer and water. Generally, the base fertilizer is applied to the apple tree before and after the apple is mature and harvested. You can use a large amount of base fertilizer during the growth period of the root system. You can choose the fully decomposed farmyard fertilizer. When applying fertilizer, dig up the soil around the root system and apply the fertilizer.
Spraying foliar fertilizer jintaileng in time during the fruit expansion period can comprehensively supplement nutrition for apples, so that apples can grow better, expand fruits and increase sweetness, improve the commodity of apples, and make apples better color and sunscreen, increase production and improve quality.
Secondly, farmers should pay attention to water management. In the flower bud differentiation stage and fruit maturity stage of apple, good air dry bath light is conducive to the flower bud differentiation and improve the quality of apple, but the lack of water in the orchard will cause serious harm to the aboveground.
This requires farmers in Apple root growth, germination and flowering and vigorous growth of new shoots timely irrigation, in the period of excessive rain, to timely remove water, to avoid affecting the apple bud differentiation, late requirements are very moderate.
The above management points of Apple planting, as well as the related content of apple fruit expansion and yield increase, hope to be helpful to your apple planting.

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