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50 kinds of fake fertilizers announced! It's scary!

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 The farmers who want to buy cheap fertilizer wake up! Don't believe in the local troupe and wholesale bargains, or that sentence, "the world falls pies, in fact, is a trap; family more dissuading, always remind.".
This mark bsfa, I don't know what it means? The following mark 18, suddenly into three 18 fertilizer, farmers are not clear.
What's in the box, you know, anyway, I don't know, and there's no molecular formula.
Three 18 are very big, but what is the last 18? In fact, it is a binary compound fertilizer with a content of 36.
Look clearly, the box is the calcium content, but not the potassium content.
This is written in three 15, and the last is the content of calcium, but not the content of potassium, but also the binary compound fertilizer, which is only 30.
See clearly, this box is also calcium, but not phosphorus, is actually binary fertilizer, content is only 30.
According to national standards, the mark only indicates the content of three kinds of elements: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. This fertilizer is mixed with fish and fish, and the people are fooled with calcium!
This is not a compound fertilizer, it is not organic fertilizer, it is a miscellaneous product.
The state stipulates that the nitrogen content of compound fertilizer is more than 25%, and the content of nitrogen in this package is only 16%, and other do not know what it is!
This so-called ammonium triammonium fertilizer is bullshit. There is no combination of three ammonium in the chemical formula, ha_ K this mark is too pit dad.
This fertilizer will fool farmers more, why don't you mark 84% of the content, mark 54% really wronged you.
This three ammonium changed the appearance, the symbol changed to sulfur, calcium, also enough, pit dad must also have patterns!
This compound fertilizer mark bsfa, how like the world cup, the men's football team has you so clever, has entered the World Cup four!
This compound fertilizer is directly labeled Hak, and its name is good, "Bifeng source", which may be a good name for this kind of fertilizer.
Ask chemistry teacher for help: what is this substance above?
Ask biology teacher for help. What are the latter two? What is the total nutrient What is the relationship between bacterial fertilizer and it?
Factoring? Well, you write a phosphorus factor, a potassium factor
What new technology, new formula
Ask for help from science teacher, intelligent release? (nutrients are complete, whether or not, but not in total nutrients except nitrogen)
(there are also a lot of nutrients. Are there so many trace elements that are not poisoned?)
What is the sole proprietorship of the United States and Russia
As long as it is implemented in GB, it is not imported
What's more, it's all English, Russian and other foreign languages
Ask English teacher for help, I can't understand it sincerely
This is more cattle force, three 19 content, and another bsfa, so pit father enterprise, estimated to kick out of fertilizer field!
What nutrients HA is not present
This fertilizer is so strong, so resistant? Will Hak show the power?
The above compound fertilizer has identified the ha-k2 content in this label, which is only 36%. It's not reliable!
Nutrient behind nitrogen is invalid
The above corn fertilizer is only a simple low-content nitrogen fertilizer, and the latter two elements do not exist. Basically the same as the first one! It belongs to unqualified fertilizer, can not be required!
This above mark HA in the place where potassium in this standard is used_ K this mark is too pit dad. The total nutrient can only be 36.less than 54%
This is the place where the standard potassium element is labeled as hak2o (also know what ghost?) And there is no chemical formula for root pressing!
CaMg what the hell?
What's in the box? There is no such formula at all. Three 18 are very big, but what is the last 18? In fact, it is a binary compound fertilizer with a content of 36. But the price is calculated by 54 content, which belongs to the pothole agricultural products!
Compound fertilizer is correctly marked!
No cattle as long as more cattle, three 20 content you dare to mark, clearly is a pure nitrogen fertilizer, even so many, really cattle forced to face the sky.
And then look at the fake urea
Under the guise of "low price sales", it has been used to make a bad impression on zinc urea and peptide urea.
25% nitrogen content, peptide urea and zinc urea are not the real urea.
It is found from the product packaging provided by the dealer that the outer packaging of the product magnifies the "urea" font, which is not in accordance with the national requirements, and the product is in accordance with the enterprise standards. At the same time, the N, Mg, Zn, s and other components are all calculated as total nutrients, and up to 46%, which mislead consumers.
If farmers do not have the ability to identify or carefully distinguish, they will usually purchase according to common urea. If they are applied to the land according to regular urea, it will lead to the lack of nitrogen in the later stage of crops.
As shown in the figure above, the product is labeled as "humic acid organic urea", and the implementation standard is q/cgyz03-2006, which belongs to the enterprise standard, with only 18% nitrogen content, which is far lower than the requirements of national mandatory standards, and the name does not meet the requirements of national standards, and belongs to false "urea".
Many fertilizer manufacturers have worked hard and made articles on the word urea. Create some conceptual, exaggerated new "urea" of efficacy. The implementation standards marked on the packaging bags are not GB 2440-2001 (this year). GB is the national standard. Many manufacturers mark enterprise standards as follows:
Since July 1, 2018, new standards have been implemented for agricultural urea.
Compared with gb/t 2440-2001, gb/t 2440-2017 cancelled the first grade product registration division of agricultural urea, and adjusted the technical indexes of total nitrogen and biuret.
It is worth mentioning that the new standard requires that agricultural urea should be marked with warning words on the packaging container: containing biuret, which will cause harm to crops if it is not used properly. The new standard also stipulates that the content of biuret in qualified products should be less than 1.5% and that of superior products should be less than 0.9%.
It is understood that when the content of biuret exceeds 1%, it is not allowed to be seed fertilizer, seedling fertilizer and leaf fertilizer. The poisoning of urea in vegetables, melon and fruit crops is easy to cause the poisoning of oxyurea such as burning root and rotten root. According to the relevant research reports, citrus crops are more sensitive to biuret, and the accumulation of more than 0.25% will lead to yellowing and brittle leaves, weakening photosynthesis, and the early senescence and falling off of leaves, which will affect the flowering results.
It can be seen from the new standard that the urea grade is reduced from the original three grades to two grades, and the grade of first grade products is cancelled; the quality fraction of total nitrogen (n) of qualified products is changed from 46% to ≥ 45%, and the water content of superior products is changed from 0.4% to 0.5%.
That is, after the implementation of the new standard, urea with nitrogen content less than 45% (exceeding allowable error value) is "false urea" or unqualified urea.
Urea has many patterns. You must be careful when buying
Buy Urea, only look at nitrogen (n) content, less than 46% urea products, no cheaper can buy.
What is the urea fertilizer above? It's not urea anyway.
There are many contents of these urea superscript. Do you think it is real urea?
Many other manufacturers use 25% ammonium chloride in nitrogen content to sell according to urea. Those labeled GB / t2946-2008 are ammonium chloride. Mark n ≥ 25% s ≥ 8% Zn ≥ 2% on the package, and add all nutrients together to 46%. The following figure:
It is not that ammonium chloride is not good, in fact, ammonium chloride is a good fertilizer, especially for rice fertilizer. It is that the cost of ammonium chloride is far lower than that of urea.
"Black heart manufacturers use the psychology of farmers who are greedy and cheap, and do not know about agricultural products, which harm farmers. The above-mentioned zinc urea and peptide urea are likely to be ammonium sulfate in terms of nitrogen content, but the price of regular urea is much higher than that of ammonium sulfate.
See the fake "diammonium"
First of all, we should know that the true diammonium, with a total nutrient content of 64%, contains only nitrogen and phosphorus, and does not contain potassium. The implementation standard is gb10205-2009

Special tips: This information from related enterprises to provide, authenticity is not confirmed, only supplies the reference.
Please use caution, the risk conceit.

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