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How much will it cost to build an organic fertilizer plant? What is the prospect? What should I pay

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Note:   Many customers see the market prospect of organic fertilizer and want to produce organic fertilizer and build an org
   Many customers see the market prospect of organic fertilizer and want to produce organic fertilizer and build an organic fertilizer plant.What matters should they pay attention to when building an organic fertilizer plant?How much investment is required?What is the prospect?The following article will introduce these issues.
  1、Precautions for factory construction administration.
  1.Feasibility study and demonstration of enterprises that need ecological organic fertilizer
  Prepare the feasibility study report of the organic fertilizer production enterprise and submit it to the local bureau of industry and information technology(industrial information committee for project approval)
  2.Environmental pollution assessment is required.
  Find qualified enterprises for environmental pollution assessment.
  Submit the project to the local development and reform commission for formal approval.
  3.Industrial and commercial business license is required
  To establish a company,the scope of business must include"organic fertilizer","bio-organic fertilizer","organic and inorganic compound fertilizer","microbial fertilizer"and other formally called fertilizer names.After obtaining the business license,we need to complete all the procedures required by the company,including tax registration,enterprise code determination,company account handling,etc.
  4.Organic fertilizer plant planning and construction is required
  Contact the organic fertilizer production equipment enterprise,and with the assistance of the manufacturer,carry out reasonable construction with the permission of the local land planning department.Properly place relevant equipment,wait for the acceptance of provincial and municipal agricultural departments,and prepare for handling relevant production registration procedures.
  5.Purchase organic fertilizer production equipment.
  Look for powerful organic fertilizer production enterprises,pay attention to product quality,after-sales service and other factors,and purchase equipment for production.Here I would like to mention a new technology of organic fertilizer fermentation,NCS membrane composting technology.This equipment uses high-temperature aerobic fermentation to ferment livestock manure into organic fertilizer.It has the advantages of low investment cost,low operating cost,low input and high yield,and is environmentally friendly and odor-proof,good fermentation effect,high nitrogen content of fermented organic fertilizer,and meets the national requirements and standards.
  6.Apply for organic fertilizer trademark
  An enterprise that intends to develop for a long time must apply for its own trademark and make its own brand.
  Application for normal operation of enterprises and national registration procedures.
  2、Prospect analysis
  China is a large agricultural country,with an effective land planting area of more than 3.1 billion mu,and a large demand for fertilizer.With the rapid development of social economy,people's awareness and requirements for organic and green food are gradually increasing,and the development of organic agriculture and ecological agriculture is also gradually increasing.At present,the proportion of organic agriculture in the relatively developed countries has reached about 30%,while the organic agriculture in China has just started.At present,China is inclined to organic fertilizer production and focuses on the development of organic agriculture.Therefore,the investment in the establishment of an organic fertilizer processing plant is promising.
  3、Investment budget
  Generally,small organic fertilizer processing plants do not need much investment.At most,tens of thousands of yuan is enough.The equipment is simple pulverizer,and other auxiliary facilities.Generally,small organic fertilizer plants digest the manure raw materials such as chicken manure,duck manure,pig manure,cow manure and crude fiber raw materials produced by themselves to produce organic fertilizer.The equipment investment is small,the production cost is low,and the operation is easy,but the return is rich.
  If we invest in a small organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 10000 tons,it will take about 220000-250000 yuan.This includes the following:rain-proof steel shed shall be built in the production process to ensure that fermented fertilizer or cost fertilizer will not be soaked by rain;Labor wage;Organic fertilizer raw materials,biological bacteria,as well as depreciation,electricity and miscellaneous expenses of organic fertilizer.A small organic fertilizer plant with an annual output of less than 10000 tons of organic fertilizer production line can be opened,and the plant site is generally built near the raw materials.These are the key aspects to be considered.
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