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Advantages of bio organic fertilizer

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Note:   1.nutrition balance  Bio organic fertilizer contains organic matter,humic acid,amino acids,nitrogen,phosphorus,pot
   1.nutrition balance
  Bio organic fertilizer contains organic matter,humic acid,amino acids,nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium,calcium,sulfur,magnesium,zinc,copper,boron,manganese,iron,etc.Among them,organic matter,humic acid and amino acid can continuously release nutrients for plant growth through microbial activities.It can regulate plant growth,promote root development,help nutrient absorption,increase chlorophyll content,and increase photosynthesis.
  2.loosen soil,keep water and fertilizer.
  Bio organic fertilizer contains a lot of organic matter and humic acid,which can improve soil physical properties,prevent soil hardening,acidification and salinization,increase soil aggregate structure,and loosen soil.It is conducive to water and fertilizer conservation,ventilation and root development,improve the biota,and provide a good ecological environment for beneficial microorganisms.
  3.enhance the ability of plants to resist disease,insects and drought.
  After applying bio organic fertilizer,many beneficial microorganisms propagate in the roots of soil plants and compete with plant pathogens for nutrition,thus suppressing the growth of plant pathogens and reducing the number of pathogens.Produce various enzymes,dissolve and destroy the cells of plant pathogens;Humic acid can also suppress some plant diseases,properly control the stomatal opening of crop leaves,reduce transpiration,and improve the drought resistance of crops.
  4.protect the ecological environment and land resources.
  Ecology is the road of agricultural sustainable development.However,due to the long-term extensive use of chemical fertilizers,the soil is seriously deficient in organic matter,the fertility is reduced,the soil hardens,the physical and chemical properties are deteriorated,and the ecological environment is damaged,threatening the sustainable development of agriculture.Bio organic fertilizer contains a large amount of organic matter,humic acid,a variety of beneficial microorganisms,nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and a variety of trace elements,which can protect and improve the soil environment and provide a variety of nutrient elements for plants.
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