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Anti-counterfeiting inquiry jie jie jin Guiyou calcium tea original calcium tea genuine hui Kang lot

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Updated: 2021-09-25
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Company Details
   Production License No.:SC11436072600030 Product Standard No.:Q/ASH0001S Factory name:Anyuan Coral Food Development Co.,LTD.Factory address:Jiong Industrial Park,Anyuan County,Ganzhou City,Jiangxi Province Manufacturer's Contact Information:18303821691 Ingredients:see packaging and storage method:Closed cool and dry place Shelf life:730 Food additive:no brand:Jie Zai series:Jingui Specification:2g*30 bags Origin:Mainland China Province:Jiangxi Province organic food:No Packaging:Packaging set amount:1 person Set meal cycle:2 weeks Applicable objects:elderly net content:60g Storage condition:normal temperature
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